Leighton Buzzard About Us Page

Here you are at our web site and hiya, we are Stephen and Gillian & we got very much interested in web-sites about 10 years ago.

Giving us a great sense of achievement and pride, we built the internet site, using an inspiration that we have already been developing for quite a while now, it was actually really maddening sometimes, however lots of fun to try and consequently fulfilling.

We repeatedly aim to launch a online site which is easy to use and also not way too packed with pop-up boxes & advertising.

We consistently strive to offer you something that is worthwhile on every last article, nevertheless we're not embarrassed to state that some of us do need to produce a little bit of revenue where feasible, to keep this and other websites working, up-to-date and on the web.

It is our desire that you will have as much joy going through the web site, as we experienced constructing it, we'll then be satisfied we've carried out our job proficiently.

Have fun, Steve and Gill Locke - September 2014.