Leighton Buzzard About Us Page

Thanks for visiting our web-site and hiya, our names are Gill & Steve & we became serious about websites approximately 10 years ago.

Bringing us an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, we designed this Leighton Buzzard internet site, employing a good idea that we have actually been working on for a long time now, it was rather troublesome occasionally, yet a whole lot of fun to accomplish and in the end worthwhile.

With any luck this online site isn't going to frighten you off with bothersome pop-up boxes, relentlessly attempting to sell you stuff or perhaps get you to sign up to an e-newsletter you just don't want to receive (stuffing your email inbox with spammy posts).

Providing helpful material on every web page of the site is definitely our principal purpose, even though the both of us still really need to earn cash to help to always keep all this running, so you might encounter a little promotions, could you please forgive us for this, we try not to ever go over the top.

It is our hope that you'll have as much enjoyment browsing the internet site, as we just had creating it, we can then be glad we have performed the task in the correct way.

Enjoy, Gillian and Stephen - October 2012.