Leighton Buzzard About Us Page

Hi all & thank you for visiting our web-site, our names are Steve and Gill and we started producing web-sites some yrs ago (approximately ten years ).

We created this Leighton Buzzard web-site, utilizing a notion that we've actually been engaged on for some time now, delivering us a remarkable sensation of achievement and pleasure, it has been lots of fun to do, troublesome occasionally, and yet consequently satisfying.

User-friendly internet sites are our motive, and web-sites which do not scare off our viewers with those aggravating pop-up windows, always trying to sell you rubbish that you don't need.

We at all times be sure to supply you with information that is informative on virtually every page, however we aren't afraid to tell you that we have to produce a little revenue where feasible, to keep this and other websites functioning, up to date and on-line.

It is our wish that you'll have just as much joy surfing the online site, like we had constructing it, we can then be thankful that we have completed our responsibility in the right manner.

Enjoy, Stephen and Gillian - December 2013.